Essentials for a Clear Head and a Happy Heart

Essentials for a Clear Head and a Happy Heart

Humans spend a lot of time indoors. We are the only mammals that eat, sleep, and live indoors. We spend all day working inside skyscrapers, factories, malls, and office buildings. We go to school indoors, entertain indoors, and worship indoors. So when it’s time to play, take it outside!

Outdoor living is essential for your body, mind, and soul. There is no shortage of outdoor activities, all year long, so everyone can get out for some fun and fresh air. It’s all about what you like to do, and how you like to get your fun on.


Try to imagine any sport that cannot be played outdoors. Football, soccer, swimming, and baseball come to mind. Even racquet sports, basketball and volleyball are more fun outdoors where facilities permit. Fresh air and sunshine make the game more enjoyable and provide a natural energy boost that you need to play harder and better.

Kick Back

You don’t necessarily have to get physical to enjoy the great outdoors. Take a walk for a double-hit of exercise and beautiful scenery. Jump on a bike, grab a skateboard or strap on a pair of rollerblades and cruise the outdoors at your own pace. When you really need to relax, hang a hammock in a shady nook and let the summer breezes rock you to sleep.

Get Wet

Indoor pools can’t hold a candle to taking a dip in a cool river, lake, or stream. Swimming is synonymous with outdoor living in summertime. Swimming exercise virtually every muscle in your body, keeps you cool and gives you time to clear your head of all those indoor troubles. Try boating as a fun way to bond with your kids. Whether you paddle a canoe across a silent lake or water ski behind a speedboat, outdoor living doesn’t get much more fun.

Everybody Out

Get the entire family involved in outdoor living. Experiencing and appreciating the beauty of nature is something that all of you can–and should–do on a regular basis. Take a walk after dinner, enjoy a family bike ride on Saturday morning, hike through the woods, or call a neighborhood touch football game for some impromptu fun. Our society, and our children, in particular, lead sedentary lives that are choking us of fresh air. Get everybody out to add some exercise and activity to your regular routine.

Rainy Days

When it rains on your parade, soak it up and have some fun! When a warm summer rain starts to fall, pull on your duck boots, and splash in the biggest puddle you can find. Outdoor living reminds you how it feels to be free and just have fun. Those more reserved can idle on the front porch to breathe in the aroma of the rain on the earth, and if you’re really lucky, can watch a spectacular summer storm roll in.

Essentials for a Clear Head and a Happy Heart

Humans are not conditioned to survive solely indoors. Like all creatures, we need fresh air and sunshine to thrive. Outdoor living is essential for a clear head, healthy body, and a happy heart. As always, mother knows best; so take her advice and go play outside!