Five Grilling Mistakes to Steer Clear Of

There are plenty of things to consider and many common mistakes to avoid. But we all want to achieve, say, a perfectly grilled steak. As a beginner, it is important to learn what these grilling mistakes are and how to avoid them. This way, you’ll be on the right path to becoming a grilling pro in no time!

Here are 5 of the most common grilling mistakes that beginners should avoid:


One of the most common misconceptions about grilling is that you need fancy, expensive tools and equipment to achieve delicious and perfectly cooked grilled dishes. Because of this, many grillers make the mistake of using either unnecessary or improper utensils. Save your money!  The truth is that you only need a few simple yet reliable tools to get the work done; like a durable pair of tongs, a spatula, heat-resistant gloves, a food thermometer, and some clean towels. Always opt for the long-handled variety of the tongs and spatula for arm and hand protection.


Did you know that the number one rule of any good cook is “mis en place” which means everything in place? This means that everything should be prepared accordingly before the cooking process begins. The same goes for grilling. Many grillers make the mistake of prepping other ingredients while there’s food on the grill which results to burnt or unevenly cooked dishes. It is incredibly important that all your ingredients are ready once you light up your grill – meat should be thawed and marinated, fruits and vegetables should be chopped, sliced or peeled and sauces should be mixed.


One of the most common grilling mistakes is foregoing the food thermometer which often leads to either an overcooked or undercooked grilled dish. You do not want to serve raw or burnt food to your guests, so be sure to invest in a good thermometer for easier reading of food internal temperatures. Don’t worry, once you get the hang of grilling, you’ll know when the food is ready just by looking at it. In the meantime, get yourself a good quality food thermometer.


Plenty of grillers make the mistake of slathering the meat with sauce while it is cooking on the grill. Most glazes, marinades and sauces contain sugar which burns easily. Because of this, your steak will be burnt on the outside but still raw on the inside. If you want your food to cook evenly, add the just the right amount of sauce towards the end of the grilling process, about 10 minutes before your food is ready.


Keeping a dirty grill is probably the most common grilling mistake. Not cleaning your grill regularly is not only unhygienic but also increases the risk of health hazards. Grease builds up easily in your grill just after a few uses which is the number one cause of flare-ups. Food will also stick easier to dirty grates which could result to uneven cooking. Clean your grill after every use if you can to avoid hazards.

Avoid these common grilling mistakes for the best grilling experience and for delicious, perfectly-cooked grilled dishes.