Part One Exercises 1 through3

Seven is that fancy number that seems to work for a lot of things. These are seven exercises you can do throughout pretty much every day. And they are easy to do because you can incorporate them into your day no matter what you are doing. You do not need to say now at 11 o’clock I’m going to do these exercises. These are ones that you should be doing throughout the day, while you work or some even while you drive.

#1 Chin Tucks

Throughout the day you’re going to want to be doing chin tucks. You are backing your neck up, backing the ears up basically as if someone threw a pie at you. Or someone very undesirable is trying to kiss you. Yuck, right? Get that chin into the head space. Do a bunch of these! And what’s nice is you can do them anywhere. You can do them in your car, you can do them at the computer, you can do them while cooking or even watching TV. **

#2 Looking up neck extensions.

Just as in the chin tuck this is one to do multiple times a day also. If you are lacking mobility in this direction it is probably because you are always working with your head down. Now if this is somewhat painful you can take a towel, roll it lengthwise and place it extremely low on the neck, not up by the head. You can also use it to help lift your head forward again if needed. You can do 10 of these every 1 to 2 hours as is comfortable for you. If you are having pain with this work up slowly over the first week until you can do more every day. Another way to do this one is to take the long edge of the towel and place it along the neck where it hurts the most or work down from C1 to C5. Pull the towel edge taught and have your hand up by your eyes. Keep your hands and eyes together as you tilt your neck back with a taught pull on the towel. Be sure to do this one in a straight back chair to keep your spine straight. Note: if you have pain it should improve over time. If not, you may not be ready for it or there is something else that may be the problem. In that case you may need to visit your chiropractor.

#3 A Tight Chest 

Most of our activities throughout the day tend to bring us into a rounded position with arms forward. You can tell if your chest is tight by looking into a full-length mirror. If your thumbs are pointing toward each other that means the shoulder is internally rotated and tight. So, you need to stand up straight to the point where the thumbs are pointing straight forward and that means you are in a good posture. Even if your posture is good it is important to do a chest muscle stretch.

You can use a doorway to stretch with by placing your forearms along the sides and lean in gently, getting a stretch across your chest. Another way is to reach behind your back and clasp your hands. Then gently lift your hand upwards. If you cannot reach with your hands, again you can use a towel and do the same lift. Check them both out and see which way is easier and gets more improvement.

*Note: I am not an expert nor a health professional, but I do enjoy researching health-related topics from health experts on the internet. Do not attempt these exercises without your doctor’s approval

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