How To Drink Water Without Harm

Here are five ways that you are drinking water the wrong way!

Number five – Drinking water before and after meals.

Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before a meal can help digestion. Remember not to drink too close to your meal as the water will dilute the digestive juices. Gulping a glass of water after meals might be the most satisfying thing for you, however, this is the worst thing that you can do to your body. When we eat a meal our body’s temperature rises for better digestion but drinking water just after meals instantly dilutes the gastric juices reducing the body’s ability to digest the food. It doesn’t get digested properly and rots within the system. When food rots within the system not only your body fail to absorb the nutrients from it, but also it can cause problems like bloating, gas, acidity, etc. Drink water an hour or more after the meal to allow the body to absorb the nutrients. If you feel the need for water, try just rinsing your mouth with water but don’t swallow. It really can help.

Number four – Gulping down the water.

In today’s fast-paced like most people mindlessly drink water. It might seem hard to believe but the way water enters your body can make a huge difference. If you drink water too fast your body will not accept it and will flush most of it out. Exactly the opposite of what you wanted to happen. Your body gives you cues to let you know it needs water. One being the color of urine. Dark yellow color may indicate dehydration, while fairly clear and straw-colored urine is a sign of a hydrated and satiated body.  Ideally one should slowly sip the water and swish it in your mouth allowing the saliva to be incorporated.

Number three – Drinking chilled water.

Cold water shrinks the blood vessels seriously restricting the digestion process. Another side effect of drinking cold water is joint pains. There are many studies proving today that chilled water decreases the heart rate. [1]  Again, ideally one should drink water at room temperature. Lukewarm water is even better.

Number two – Drinking too much water.

There are people who forcefully drink water to of the day even when they are not thirsty just because somebody told them that more water means more benefits. Of course, proper hydration is important, but excess of anything is bad. And this holds true for water! Also drinking water in excess makes the salts and other electrolytes in our body too diluted. One of sodium’s job is to balance the fluid in and around your cells. Drinking too much water causes an imbalance and the liquid moves from blood to inside your cells making them swell. Having yellowish urine (not transparent), dry lips, very dry skin, lack of energy and rapid breathing are some of the signals given by the body that you are dehydrated.

Number one – Drinking water while standing.

People drink water not just standing but walking or even while running. When we drink water in standing position our kidneys are not able to filter the water properly. Likewise, in this position your muscles and nervous system are not relaxed, and it makes difficult for your nerves too quickly digest the water. This may disturb the balance of fluids in the body leading to greater accumulation of fluids in the joints, thus triggering arthritis. So, it is best to sit down and sip water slowly.

In Addition –

Be aware that the one-time water should never be skipped is just after waking up. Our stomach is acidic in nature. Saliva is alkaline in nature and its job is to stabilize the acid found in the stomach. Morning saliva is considered to be most effective, so every morning before brushing your teeth, drink a glass of water slowly!

If you are inclined to improve your water, place water into a copper container overnight. This will enhance the water bringing numerous antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that help boost the immune system of the body. It also has anti-cancer properties.