How to take care of yourself during the holidays – Part 2

#6 – Sleep
It can be easy to ignore self-care or put it off or believe that it’s selfish to engage in at all.
But we can’t do or be our best for ourselves or others if we don’t take time to recharge.
Never compromise on sleep. We know sleep is super important and when we get enough sleep our attention is better, our memory is better, we can deal with our emotions better.

There are two things you can do to help. One, wake up around the same time every day. I know it’s really hard you want to sleep in on the weekends probably because you’re sleep deprived during the week days but as much as you can wake up near the same time it’s going to help your body out a lot.

Two, get really good at dealing with insomnia. So, if you are in bed and it’s been more than usually how long it takes you to fall asleep and you’re tossing and turning, do not stay in bed. Get up! Go and do something that is either soothing or boring. Just make sure it does not involve a screen. The blue light from a screen will wake you up. As soon as you feel tired enough, go to bed. Do not stay where you are. Bed is the place for sleep and your body knows that.

#7 – Self-care

Taking baths, exercise, reading for leisure, napping, and spending time with loved ones.
Take time and build breaks into your day. When you go on vacation go on vacation do whatever you do to destress. Exercise, watch dumb TV, take long walks, chat with a friend about simple things. It is about being at work when you are at work and being at home when you are at home.
So that means yes avoid those work e-mails when you are at home. There is still going to be there in the morning.

Cut toxic people out of your life. They serve no good purpose for you.

Learn to say no. It is a lot easier if you know what your boundaries are and what you can do. Say no when you might be exceeding those boundaries.

#8 – Embrace It

Yes, find something you love and unapologetically embrace it. Find a community that is related to your interest or join a group and share your love of that with other people. Why you love this thing. Why it means so much to you.

So, if you love comic books, superhero’s, dogs, exercise, crafts or collecting coins, or anything else go find someone and somewhere you can share with others of like mind.

#9 – Small accomplishments

Give yourself realistic challenges. If you fail, learn from that, and try again.

Make your goals attainable. It is okay if you are not able to achieve it the first time. Learn from it and keep trying. Ask yourself what inside of me is going to get in the way of me achieving this goal and then find a way to problem solve it, to change your environment, to make it easier, so that that thing inside of you does not get in the way.