Need Help with Someone who Snores

It is a fact. Nowadays, it seems that women are involved in what previously were issues exclusively about men: this includes snoring. With this, a number of snoring cures have sprouted in the market as well as tips to cure snoring problems, with some having no actual medical relevance. Snoring deserves to be given full attention, as it could already be a sign of a health problem as much as it is an issue between couples. Finding tips to cure snoring problems can likewise result in a better quality of your life, including your loved ones. When snoring has not gotten to sleep apnea, these self-help tips to cure snoring problems may prove useful.

One cause of snoring is weight. Many studies have found that the heavier a person is, the more he snores because soft tissues block the air passage. Losing weight not only decreases your risk of developing diseases related to obesity, but it also helps reduce the fatty tissues that are blocking your airway, thus, allowing you to have better quality sleeps.

Sleeping positions also account for snoring. Sleeping on your backs causes the soft tissues on the throat to relax, making you produce the snoring sound. Changing your sleeping position effects better breathing and can alleviate snoring (but severe snorers almost always snore at any position). To achieve these tips to cure snoring problems, special pillows (available in the market) may be used. You can also do the tennis ball trick: attach a tennis ball or any ball using a sock at the back of your pajamas on the waistline. This forces you to avoid lying on your back. Soon you’ll get used to sleeping on your side.

Sleeping without a pillow could also help cease snoring because it puts the neck to a flat position avoiding the neck to bend and keeping the airways unblocked. Elevating the head of your bed to about four inches may also help you breathe easier as it encourages your tongue and jaw to push forward, clearing your airway. This is unlike putting a pillow beneath your head because this elevates your whole upper body.

Smoking is also associated with snoring. Aside from the benefits you get by avoiding smoking and second-hand smoke or eliminating them altogether, this reduces the intensity of the snoring sound.

Avoid or limit your food, alcohol, antihistamines, sleeping pills, and other sedatives intake before going to bed because these relax your neck muscles. It is best to avoid these within three hours before bed. Also, full cream dairy products or soy milk products can possibly minimize the mucus from being drained, and mucus retained in the throat can cause snoring.

These tips to cure snoring problems might be able to help in lessening your likelihood to snore at night. Additionally, there are products available over the counter that can possibly cure snoring. However, as mentioned, snoring may just be a symptom of a more serious problem so that it’s best to seek medical advice from a health professional.