Useful Up-Cycle and Recycled Items

It is time to get rid of the waste. Stop using the plastic bags, containers, and bottles.  So much can be eliminated, and many things can be recycled, up cycled or down cycled.  Take time to see what can be done in your home.  Here are just a few ideas for you to consider.

Zero Waste DIY Produce Bags

The amount of garbage one person let alone a family can make is alarming! These reusable produce bags are a great way to make some changes. DIY produce bags are truly one of the quickest projects to do. They whip up so easy you can start and finish a sewing project in one sitting! These reusable produce bags are made from voile cotton, making them more eco-friendly than plastic. Voile is best to use because it is super lightweight, and you can mostly see through it. That way it will not add much weight to your produce and the cashier can easily read the stickers through the bag.  A great plastic bag saver.

Make your own bread bags

Whether you buy your bread from the store, the bakery or make your own you need to store that bread in something. Plastic is not the best and can make the bread mold quickly. Solution – make your own cloth bag. If you take it to the bakery you can have them slice it and slide it right into the bag. A quick and easy project to do. Make 4 of them and keep your breads in the freezer.  The make great housewarming gifts or Christmas gifts. Get tutorial here

Useful Up-Cycle and Recycled Items

100% Cotton Rounds Make Up Remover Pads

Do you find yourself running out of disposable makeup pads? Why not make your own and always have some on hand to remove your makeup or use them as a facial scrub when combined with facial cleanser?  These cotton round pads are easy to make. But beware, they can be a little time consuming. Because of their round shape, they need hands-on maneuvering while going through the sewing machine. Go ahead and be happy when you clean your face knowing there will be less trash in the dump.  Learn how here.

Reusable Non-Toxic Dryer Sheets

Who does not crave soft clothes that smell clean and amazing after a wash? Traditional dryer sheets have a long list of harmful health effects including headaches, nausea, vomiting, loss of muscle coordination and central nervous system damage. Some brands even contain carcinogenic chemicals. Ready to get rid of those? Make these reusable non-toxic dryer sheets today. This is such a easy and low to no cost project anyone can do at home. In just a few minutes with a couple of ingredients, you have a satisfying replacement to toxic dryer sheets. And it is great to know precisely why your laundry smells so good.  Make them today


Love clean floors? Tired of buying wipes just to toss them in the trash because you cannot reuse them? Make your own in short, easy order. No sewing involved. Make them, use them, wash, and reuse again and again. Learn how in this easy tutorial.